Motivation for Your Monday!!

Today instead of using a motivational saying I decided to use an example of a person instead.  This beautiful woman has ran a successful business from home for the last 5 years and is now breaking into a new field.  She is inspirational, motivational, beautiful on the inside and out.  There are very few people in this world that can change the momentum of a room by just existing.  And she my friends, is one of them!  Kelly has a way with words that motivate you, and ignite the fire within.  And believe it or not this awesome woman is a mom of 3 beautiful kids.

I first met Kelly at a church that the both of us used to attend.  We no longer attend that church but we still stay in contact with one another.  And it has been such a blessing knowing this woman.  Not only does she own her own business, she is one of the most motivating and positive people I have ever met.  She always has something positive to say, and is always there to give positive reinforcement when needed.  She believes in the good of all people and sees it as well.  Kelly is also extremely accepting of everyone.  I believe that being different is what gravitates her to so many people.  She sees the beauty in every situation, whether it’s difficult or not.  And she always comes ahead stronger than before.

When you come across someone like Kelly, you don’t let them leave.  This world is full of so much hate and anger that we could use more “Kelly’s” in this world.  In fact one the greatest qualities that Kelly has is the fact that she doesn’t hide when she needs help.  She doesn’t put this ‘Fake face on’ trying to pretend that everything is ‘perfect’.  Kelly is one of the most real people I have ever met and that makes her one of the most beautiful and amazing people out there.

If you know this amazing woman, let her know how great she is!!!  She deserves it!

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