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DeGraw Bridal Shower

On Sunday August 14, 2016 Sarah DeGraw had her bridal shower at Southern Exposure.  This was my second time photographing there. Such a beautiful bride-to-be and such a beautiful venue.

The weather was absolutely beautiful, the shower could have been held outside. On of the first days this summer that hasn’t been scorching hot.

It was a joy and a pleasure to photograph this shower, not only do I know Sarah personally she is my cousin through marriage.  She will make a beautiful bride.  Tung is a lucky and very blessed man.

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What you pay for with Photography!

When you hire a photographer sometimes it’s not quite clear what you get.  It’s not going to the store and purchasing an item.  See, when you purchase an item at a store you get something right away.  The time it has taken to make this item, the cost of the goods that were purchased to make this item, everything has already been added to the cost.  You pay for it and you get your item immediately.  You don’t think, ‘My it took 24 hours, 17 people, $150, and years of classes to make this item.’  That’s not including the equipment that has been made, or purchased to make this item either.

When you hire a photographer, for every hour that they are photographing that is at a minimum of 4 hours to edit those photos. That’s not including the classes they have taken, the money they spent for the equipment that they are using, the time and energy it took to learn that equipment, the editing software, the pre-session consultation, and sometimes two consultations.  And, you get a customized session JUST FOR YOU!!!  Each session from any photographer is customized, created and developed just for you.  Sometimes there is even equipment bought for just your session that you may never know about.

And you have to wait for the photos after they are taken.  It’s not like buying from a store.   You don’t get to see the hours of editing it takes to create these customized images for our clients. You don’t get to see the time it took to learn how to operate our cameras, learn the editing software, learn about lighting.  You just get to see the session and the end result.

If you are looking for cheap then hiring a professional photographer is not the answer for you. Would you do your job at a discounted price, or even for free?  Going with anything that is customized or set up specifically for you is not cheap.  It takes hours, days and sometimes weeks to edit these photos. If you are looking for cheap then you are looking in the wrong area.

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Kalamazoo Strong Event


On Saturday August 13, 2016 Kalamzoo Strong’s first Golf Outing!

After the tragic events earlier in 2016 Kalamazoo Strong a non-profit organization was created.  This was the ‘First Annual Kalamazoo Strong Golf Outing’.  This fundraiser was to help with funds for families that may need help during a crisis or tragic times.

It rained right at the beginning of the day but it tapered off and ended up being great weather.  We had a lot of fun and loved every minute of it.

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Garrett Elopement

On August 12, 2016 It was super hot, but that didn’t stop this awesome couple from getting married.  Jermaine Jackson was the officiant, Maywan the groom and the beautiful Nikkita was the stunning bride.  I was notified the night before the elopement.  It was a small ceremony.  The memories of this ceremony will last a lifetime.

Maywan and Nikkita were naturals in front of the camera.  It was a pleasure and a joy to capture the love that these two share.

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What this weekend Has!!!

Crazy busy this weekend!!!  Saturday morning I have an event with Kalamazoo Strong I am photographing.  If you are not busy and want to help make a difference in this awesome Kalamazoo community come and join us!!  From 10 am – 2 pm I will be photographing the Kalamazoo Golf Classic and Community event.

Saturday night I will be having fun with this lovely couple above!!!  We will be getting some awesome shots.  Not gonna tell what we are doing, but it’s going to be great……!!!!!!

Sunday I will be photographing a Bridal Shower for Sarah Degraw!  I am absolutely thrilled about.  It will be held at Southern Exposure where I photographed the Hannah and Kaleb’s wedding.  Such a beautiful location!!!

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Know Someone Getting Married?!

Know someone getting married this year, next year or even 2018??  Send them my way.  I include a complimentary Engagement session, Boudoir or Trash the dress session with my wedding packages.  Here is my link to my website with my pricing information.  You can contact me through email, Facebook and/or phone!

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It best to get a head start on booking vendors, photographers and anything that involves another business for your wedding.  The reason being these companies could book your date if you wait too long.  A lot of people book their photographer a year in advance.  Once wedding season picks up the dates book up like wildfire.

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Always Available Mini Sessions!!!

Always available mini sessions!

Ever just think, “Hey, I just want a quick photo session of my family to document this (enter reason here..) In our lives??!!”  Well here is the session just for you.

Want to celebrate a birthday?!  BAM!!  Here it is!!

Want to celebrate the 376 days you have been together with your significant other and don’t want to break the bank??!!

Here is an all time ‘Always Available Mini Session”.  This is for those quick want to document moments!  These sessions are a half our and you get 4 digital prints included.  Any questions please contact me anytime!!!

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Small print here!

  • The sessions need to take place in Kalamazoo, Michigan
  • If the sessions run longer than a half hour then the price increases to a minimum purchase amount of $100 and the $50 session goes out the window.  This means you need to be prepared when you get to the location and be on time.
  • If you are looking for a specific pose, or idea you may have then I will need a list of ideas a WEEK before the session.  (NOT the night before).
  • I am willing to discuss the amount of people to be in the photos.  However, you need to be aware that there will only be 4 photos of MY choosing that will make the cut. And again, it needs to last less than a half hour.

GOOGLE ME!!!!!!!!!

Google me!!!   Never in a million years did I ever think I would be Googling my business!!!  Well, here it is!  Check out the awesome reviews!! Refer your friends, family, co-workers and get the word out!!  Holiday sessions are coming up and I tend to book fairly quickly!!!  Make sure that you get your session appointment sooner rather than later….

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