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Aaron + Jessica Kalamazoo, Michigan Wedding

WOW! The nicest day we have had this year to get the season started and Aaron + Jess were able to celebrate on that very day. The best part is they were married in their backyard, and their reception was right next door. Aaron and Jessica-6

Friends and family gathered, traveling as far as California to celebrate the union of Aaron and Jessica. Aaron and Jessica-8

We started off at Blush Salon in the Raddison, where Jess had her hair done. It was one of the most unique and amazing hair designs I have ever seen. There were braids that went on for days, and was so gorgeous! Jess’s make up was done at Blush Salon as well and was absolutely flawless. In fact, Jess’s reaction to her make up was so awesome! She loved her hair and makeup.Aaron and Jessica-12Aaron and Jessica-7

Aaron was so excited before Jess showed up and couldn’t wait to see her. We decided at the last minute to do the first look to catch his reaction. We all knew it was going to be great!

Aaron and Jessica-43Aaron and Jess met on a dating site. For their first date, Jess was waiting for him when one of the waitresses walked past her and spilled marinara sauce down her back. And it didn’t faze Aaron at all. After they had been together for a while, Aaron proposed to Jess on a bridge in Chicago.Aaron and Jessica-15

When Aaron and Jess’s eyes meet across a room, you can see the connection they share. It’s patient, gentle, and unconditional love. The connection they share is breathtaking. Aaron and Jessica-33

We sometimes search our whole lives looking for ‘THE’ one. And, we pray and hope we find them. And, when we do, we hold on for dear life, nurturing, caring, and working on the love that we had searched for. I have no doubt that Aaron and Jess will be able to nurture the love they have grown over these few short years together. This love they share will only grow and cultivate more love. Aaron and Jessica-36

Aaron and Jess, you two are so very loved, I wish you all the love, joy and happiness this world has to offer. Thank you for letting me be the one to capture your beautiful day!

Krystal Thornton Photography



Alexander + Brooklynn-Flint, Michigan

Alexander and Brooklynn were absolutely amazing. I don’t know that I know anyone that would have been able to handle some of the ups and downs of their wedding day as well as Alexander and Brooklynn handled their day. Brooklynn and Alexander-5

Due to illness and weather, important people were not able to make it. The ceremony started 20 minutes late and the weather was super nasty.  But when I asked Brooklynn, “are you nervous at all?” Her response was, “No, I am so EXCITED! I am not nervous at all, I am just so excited!” And at that moment I knew Brooklynn and Alexander were made for each other. It is not usually a common response from anyone on a wedding day. They both handled the ups and downs of their day with such grace and dignity. I have never met two people so patient, kind, gentle and so unbelievably thoughtful. These two gravitate towards each other and have this connection that you can see even when they are in different ends of the room. Brooklynn and Alexander-51

Marriage can be tough, especially when you do not have a support system to turn to when you have questions. What I saw, was a rock-solid support system that Brooklynn and Alexander can turn to in need. Their family is so supportive, loving, gentle and kind. It’s no wonder Alexander and Brooklynn are the same way. Editing these photos was really hard, the emotion and love that surrounds this family is expressed in every photo of them.Brooklynn and Alexander-48

Alexander looks at Brooklynn like she’s the only one in the room, he truly sees her for who she is, his partner, his friend, his companion and most of all the love of his life.

The wedding reception was held at Northbank U of M Flint, in Flint, Michigan.  The ceremony was held at St. Michael’s Catholic Church.Brooklynn and Alexander-14

I don’t even know where, to begin with, this wedding party. They were rock stars, Brooklynn and Alexander had friends and family step up to be part of the wedding party last minute, travel over an hour to get their outfits, and to stand with them on one of the most important days of their lives. It was such an honor to be a part of such an amazingly graceful group of friends and family.

I really have to give a shoutout to the parents of Brooklynn and Alexander, the love that you showered these two with was absolutely beautiful! I am so blessed to have met such awesome parents and family, you guys are so amazing!Brooklynn and Alexander-9

One last note!

During the toasting Brooklynn’s dad made a comment, “When Brooklynn was little her mom told me that they were at the mall and some kids were making fun of a little girl who had a birthmark on her face. Brooklynn walked over to the little girl and told her, ‘I think you’re beautiful!'”Brooklynn and Alexander-11

And these are the type of people I photographed. Absolutely the most thoughtful, wonderful family.  Brooklynn when my daughter grows up, I hope she’s just like you!

Much love to the newlyweds, I wish you all of the love and joy this world has to offer!Brooklynn and Alexander-41


Krystal Thornton Photography