Motivation for Your Monday

Well,  I am kicking the year off right.  Why?!  You ask…  Because I participated in an adoption on January 26, 2017.  And, these are one of my favorite ‘family events’ that I love to photograph.  A family that I have known for a few years and absolutely love them adopted a little boy and girl.  Adoptions hold a special place in my heart.  And anyone who has ever gone through one truly knows it’s struggles, twists, turns and triumphs.  There is nothing like that final court date to take a massive amount of weight off your shoulders.

The day was cold and slightly rainy, but that didn’t put a damper on anyone’s spirits.  Everyone met up at Pizza Hut first to celebrate, eat cake and pizza…  But not in that order 🙂  Family from all over traveled to celebrate with this amazingly beautiful family.  Jordan Michael and Brooklyn Audree found their forever family almost a year ago to date.  The moment they entered Bruce, Jillayne, Lindsee, and Alec’s home they were welcomed with love and joy.  Jillayne messaged me some time ago to inform me of them finding the two children they wanted to adopt and couldn’t wait for me to come capture their moments.

Krogel Adoption (21 of 137).JPG

After we celebrated the beautiful day.  We all drove to the courthouse to witness the joining of a beautiful family.  And it was absolutely breath-taking!!  I cried of course, there is nothing more beautiful than a mother’s love for her children.  And that’s all you see from Jillayne is the love she has for her now four beautiful children.

Bruce and Jillayne are amazing people.  Not only do they have a model marriage that others would love to follow.  They are model parents as well.  When I imagine what a family should look like, and how parents should be.  I envision Bruce and Jillayne!


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