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Words for Wednesday (How to love yourself in Photos)

Ok, so here are my words for Wednesday.  They are quite motivational and need to be read several times to get them through.  How to love yourself in photos!

We as humans tend to be the hardest on ourselves.  I’ve heard this time and time again from people.  I will love a photo, show it to them.  And, they HATE it!  Hate everything about the photo.  I go home edit the photo and post it to Facebook.  And then they LOVE IT!  LOVE it to the moon and back, absolutely L-O-V-E IT!  Why?!  It’s not because I edit the photos very much.  I do slight touches here and there. But, for the most part it’s the exact same photo.

There is one reason why I think people dislike the photos at first when they see them in the back of my camera.

  1.  Because they have a complex with themselves:

First and foremost people have a major complex when it comes to themselves.  I have had several photographers that I know take a beautiful photo of this GEORGOUS person.  And, the person hates it!  Because they pick at everything about themselves.  There is this one thing that no matter who takes the photo they will always see it in the photo.

So, I have started saying this to people when I take their photos.

“It doesn’t matter if it is a million dollar photographer that takes your photo.  If you have a complex with something about yourself, you will see it in the photos!”

“With me you don’t have a complex, this is about you!  This is meant to be fun, exciting, amazing, and I give you permission to LOVE yourself!  Love yourself like you always mean to love yourself!”

I don’t take photos for someone to look back at them and think ‘YUCK! I don’t like how I look in that photo!’

And here is the reason why I think they love the photo after it’s posted to Facebook:

  1.  Because they post it to their page and get a bajillion ‘LIKES’ from family and friends.  With everyone saying how great the photo is.  They get that outside gratification that they needed.

The best part about that is when it comes time to do another photo shoot.  They are more relaxed and have more fun the second, third and so on, times.

Well, here it is people, LOVE YOURSELF!  I give you permission to love the photos, to share them, brag about them.  And, most of all to enjoy the time you have with me.  It’s meant to be fun and exciting!



Emily Pregnancy Announcement

It was so amazing to hear that Joel and Emily were expecting baby #2.  Their oldest son James is going to be the best big brother, he is such a calm, caring generous little boy.  I absolutely love James, in fact all of my kids love James as well.  It is going to be such a joy to see this new little precious bundle of love!!!  I can’t wait!!!!!!!!

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a session contact me anytime!!!

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Why Book Krystal Thornton Photography

What you get when you book with Krystal Thornton Photography.  You get a customized email just for you on Clothing, Make-up, Skin and Posing tips to help your session run as smooth as possible.  There are NO session fees so you only pay for product and photos you WANT!!  You get to customize your very own package without being told what items you can and cannot get.  You get at least an hour of photographing, and each image fully edited for online viewing in your very own gallery.  And that is just for family, senior, engagement boudoir and other smaller sessions.

If you book me for your wedding day, I come with my wedding box.  In it there are emergency supplies like: extra toothbrush, bug spray, sunblock, tide stick, clothing tape, sewing kit, ponchos and so much more!  It is my goal to make sure that your special day runs as smooth as possible.  You not only get a photographer you get a friend for life!!!

Here are reviews on my website from past clients: Krazy for Krystal

Be prepared to be awed!  I am here to help you through every decision in your photo session.  Customer service is a huge deal to me and I want to make this experience one that you and your family or significant other will remember forever!  Contact me anytime day or night with any questions you may have!

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Toby’s Cake Smash

Tobias Alexander turned 1 on August 27.  This little man has been such a joy!!  I know he’s my baby.  However, he is such an awesome little boy.  Toby loves everyone and loves attention.  He is so smart and such a loving little baby.  He has slept through the night since 3 months old.  We never knew we were missing anything until we had you!!!

Contact me anytime to schedule your child’s 1 year cake smash today!!!

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Always Available Mini Sessions!!!

Always available mini sessions!

Ever just think, “Hey, I just want a quick photo session of my family to document this (enter reason here..) In our lives??!!”  Well here is the session just for you.

Want to celebrate a birthday?!  BAM!!  Here it is!!

Want to celebrate the 376 days you have been together with your significant other and don’t want to break the bank??!!

Here is an all time ‘Always Available Mini Session”.  This is for those quick want to document moments!  These sessions are a half our and you get 4 digital prints included.  Any questions please contact me anytime!!!

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Small print here!

  • The sessions need to take place in Kalamazoo, Michigan
  • If the sessions run longer than a half hour then the price increases to a minimum purchase amount of $100 and the $50 session goes out the window.  This means you need to be prepared when you get to the location and be on time.
  • If you are looking for a specific pose, or idea you may have then I will need a list of ideas a WEEK before the session.  (NOT the night before).
  • I am willing to discuss the amount of people to be in the photos.  However, you need to be aware that there will only be 4 photos of MY choosing that will make the cut. And again, it needs to last less than a half hour.

GOOGLE ME!!!!!!!!!

Google me!!!   Never in a million years did I ever think I would be Googling my business!!!  Well, here it is!  Check out the awesome reviews!! Refer your friends, family, co-workers and get the word out!!  Holiday sessions are coming up and I tend to book fairly quickly!!!  Make sure that you get your session appointment sooner rather than later….

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Christian Cake SMASH!!!!

Happy 1st Birthday to this handsome little boy!!!!





I was so excited when Briana and Jermaine asked me to to take Christian’s 1 year photos!!  I couldn’t wait, Christian was so funny we laughed the whole time.  Christian is such a sweet little boy.  We played while I took his photos.  After the photos were taken I took him to the sink and washed him off.  He played in the sink kicking and splashing in the water.  He was such a trooper, even though he didn’t eat the cake like we thought he would.  Christian loved to kick the cake and smash it just like babies do!!  I love this little guy, he is so adorable and such a joy to be around!!!

A special THANK YOU!!  To MOM and DAD, these two people are such wonderful, caring and generous souls.  It has been such an honor to get to know this family.  I am truly blessed to have met them!!!

Toby 6 Months

I have been waiting to take Toby’s 6 month photos.  This bathtub was so much fun to use!  Toby is not quite sitting up yet, but he grabs his toes and coo’s all the time.  He loves to be held, kissed and loved all the time.  Toby is so sweet and the happiest baby ever.  It has been so amazing taking my babies photos and share his milestones with you.  Thank you for taking time out of your day and looking at this cutie patootie!

Charley is “ONE”





It is so hard to believe that this little angel is ‘one’ already.  Last year I received a message that she had been born.  It was so amazing going to the hospital to take her first pictures to announce her birth.  And a little less than a week later I was taking her newborn photos!  It blew my mind when I was contacted to take her 6 month photos.  This year has flown by and Charley has left a huge imprint on my heart!  It has been an honor to capture these priceless moments!!  She is such a sweet little girl, I see great things in her future!!

Toby’s 3 Month





Toby is 3 months old already.  It was so exciting to take his photos and to see how much he has grown in 3 short months.  I love taking newborn photos, it’s amazing how these little people grow so much in such a short time.

My husband Nate is holding Toby in the third photo.  This photo shows how much love a father has for his child and how much a child needs to be comforted and cared for.

Please contact me for any questions you may have about newborn photography sessions!!


Krystal Thornton

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