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Engagement Model Call Bridgett + Tim


On Father’s Day we ventured out in the scorching heat to photograph Bridgett and Tim.  These two love birds are getting married in October.  They were part of the Model call for an engagement photo session.

It was a pleasure to photograph Bridgett and Tim, you can see Bridgett light up when Tim talks to her.  And, Bridget has Tim’s complete and full attention.  They were such troopers considering it was so extremely hot!!

I am branching out into weddings and am still looking for one couple to do a Model call.

Requirements for Engagement session:

  1.  There must be an engagement ring!
  2. If a permit to take photos at the specified location is needed the couple will have to research that and obtain the permit
  3. Clients will need to keep their Facebook profile picture or cover photo a Krystal Thornton Photography photo for a month.
  4. After receiving the digital prints, when they are uploaded to social media there will need to be a link to my website.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!!!

Contact Info

Kalamazoo, Michigan

and surrounding areas

Phone: (269) 599-2094


Boudoir Krystal



Since I am breaking out into boudoir photography, it’s only appropriate that I have my own boudoir session.  What I learned during my session:

  1.  It was fun
  2. There was not one time that I was completely naked
  3. I was fully covered for the majority of the shoots
  4. I didn’t feel ‘weird’ or unattractive during the session

What you should know about me, and my house:

  1.  My bedroom was actually not this clean
  2. I have 3 kids and am not in the best shape
  3. I am not naturally ‘sexy’
  4. I do not necessarily ‘love’ my body

After looking at these photos, they turned out better than I anticipated, I had fun and other than advertisement for my business they were meant for my husband.  And, his response was….”We need to get you more outfits!”

If you are interested in viewing the entire session, I will not pass any judgement.  Use your email address to log-in you must be 18 to view.

The entire gallery is view-able HERE  the password is:   boudoir

Hannah + Kaleb Wedding


I would have to say that this wedding was a huge success!  There was rain anticipated for days.  When the day finally arrived it was clear skies and warmth all day.  Although, it was warm, everyone enjoyed themselves.  The Bridesmaids and Groomsmen were amazing.  The wedding party and parents made this wedding day move without one hitch.

The wedding was held at Southern Exposure in Battle Creek, Michigan.  The venue was absolutely beautiful.  Hannah and Kaleb were able to have their photo taken with one of the two vehicles on location.  We decided to take the Bride and Groom photos during the reception at sunset.  This way their lovely guests didn’t have to wait any longer to start the party.



Hannah was able to have her ‘getting ready’ photos taken in front of this beautiful door with stunning light.  Hannah was so easy to photograph, she was a breath-taking bride!  I wish Hannah and Kaleb a lifetime of love, blessing and happiness!!!

This was my first wedding EVER!  I have never second shot or photographed a wedding before and was blessed enough to find Hannah and Kaleb to entrust me with their most precious memory.  It was such a beautiful day, I cried throughout every emotional moment.  It was unforgettable.

To watch the cute video of their day click HERE

Contact me anytime any questions you may have!

(269) 599-2094

Family Photography The MacDonald’s

I had so much fun photographing this lovely family.  The kids were an absolute joy.  I feel so privileged and blessed when I come across a family that has such well behaved children.

Stacey is a licensed massage therapist that has specialized in massage cupping.  If you have never had this done you are missing out!!!  She is located right next to the YMCA on Maple street in Kalamazoo along with her friend and business partner Pam.  I have been truly blessed to have met such strong, positive women.

I enjoyed this lovely, fun-filled session!

Please contact me at (269) 599-2094 to schedule your session!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!