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Words for Wednesday (How to love yourself in Photos)

Ok, so here are my words for Wednesday.  They are quite motivational and need to be read several times to get them through.  How to love yourself in photos!

We as humans tend to be the hardest on ourselves.  I’ve heard this time and time again from people.  I will love a photo, show it to them.  And, they HATE it!  Hate everything about the photo.  I go home edit the photo and post it to Facebook.  And then they LOVE IT!  LOVE it to the moon and back, absolutely L-O-V-E IT!  Why?!  It’s not because I edit the photos very much.  I do slight touches here and there. But, for the most part it’s the exact same photo.

There is one reason why I think people dislike the photos at first when they see them in the back of my camera.

  1.  Because they have a complex with themselves:

First and foremost people have a major complex when it comes to themselves.  I have had several photographers that I know take a beautiful photo of this GEORGOUS person.  And, the person hates it!  Because they pick at everything about themselves.  There is this one thing that no matter who takes the photo they will always see it in the photo.

So, I have started saying this to people when I take their photos.

“It doesn’t matter if it is a million dollar photographer that takes your photo.  If you have a complex with something about yourself, you will see it in the photos!”

“With me you don’t have a complex, this is about you!  This is meant to be fun, exciting, amazing, and I give you permission to LOVE yourself!  Love yourself like you always mean to love yourself!”

I don’t take photos for someone to look back at them and think ‘YUCK! I don’t like how I look in that photo!’

And here is the reason why I think they love the photo after it’s posted to Facebook:

  1.  Because they post it to their page and get a bajillion ‘LIKES’ from family and friends.  With everyone saying how great the photo is.  They get that outside gratification that they needed.

The best part about that is when it comes time to do another photo shoot.  They are more relaxed and have more fun the second, third and so on, times.

Well, here it is people, LOVE YOURSELF!  I give you permission to love the photos, to share them, brag about them.  And, most of all to enjoy the time you have with me.  It’s meant to be fun and exciting!



Tip for Tuesday Headshots

It’s not all the time I get in front of the camera.  However, I know it’s good for me.  I suffer from a complex just like everyone and I don’t like my photo taken either.  And then I go back through the photos and I feel so much better about myself.  I think ‘Is that really me?!’  Trust me there are times that someone takes my photo and I am completely disgusted with the way I look.  It takes special posing, patience to get my photo.  This is why I use a professional photographer.  My assistant whom I trust when it comes to my photos.  We do this a couple of times a year for each other to keep fresh headshots.

It is extremely important to keep fresh headshots because when you meet someone in person you want them to recognize you.  Your photo is who they have trusted, and when you meet them and your photo is not even similar to what you look like it’s deceiving and you lose trust with that person.

So, here it is the tips for Tuesdays headshots:  (Or to rock any photo of yourself)

  1.  Make sure you know which side is your best side.  My best side is my left side, hence the photos of the left side of my face.
  2. Push your chin out.  Don’t make a face while pushing your head out, just gently push your whole head out and keep your chin up slightly.  (This also depends on the shape of your face how much to push out or up.)
  3. Photos should be taken from above your eye level to get rid of any possible double chin.  It doesn’t matter how big you are, most people have double chins.  Especially, when they laugh.
  4. Stand on one leg, this will drop one of your shoulders giving you a slight curve.
  5. Stand up straight.  This one is important and so many people forget to do this.  However, stand up straight with shoulders pushing up.
  6. Do something with your hands, place them gently on your face, hold them together, have your thumb hold your belt loop, hands in pockets, arms crossed.  Make sure that your hands are doing something. Even if you can’t see them it will align your body a certain way.

I hope these tips help you to rock your next headshot, selfie, or photo shoot!!!

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