KGLRC/WMU Bowling Extravaganza


On May 31, 2015 I had the pleasure and the privilege of being the event photographer for the KGLRC/WMU Bowling Extravaganza.  There were hundreds of people that attended the event from young to wise 🙂

My favorite part of the event were all of the smiles and happy faces, even if they were only getting gutter balls.

I met an amazing family where the little boy makes all of their outfits every year for Pride Week.  This year the shirts said ‘Keep Calm and Pride On’.  Very moving and uplifting coming from such a young person.  It was an amazing experience that I know I and my daughter will never forget.

After the event, I realized how amazing things could be if we just had the patience for one another. If we allowed each other to fail at our own pace, and that we accepted each other for who we really are.

I once heard that the one thing that keeps us from truly succeeding is ourselves.  Is it true with relationships?  Are we afraid to love others unconditionally?  And if we did love them unconditionally we set ourselves up to be hurt.  It’s one thing to love someone, it’s another to love them without fail, to love them no matter what, to love them unconditionally.  This means that when they make a mistake or do something that you don’t agree with that you will love them.  You will love them even if they no longer love you.

How painful of a thought, to love another human being without fail.  To love them beyond all the stars in the sky.  And, is it possible to love someone that you don’t even know?  Can you love someone you don’t know?  What if we did?  What if we stepped up humanity by loving each other without fail?  By loving the person that cut in front of you in line, cut you off on the road, stole your wallet or that person that was rude to you at the gas station at 3 am.  Can you love them?  Could you love them?

Why not?  What’s holding you back from loving someone, anyone?  What holds you back?  Is it knowing that there is not a single person in this world that is perfect?  Is it knowing that you could possibly one day be hurt?  Is it because you were hurt?  Is it because you don’t know how to love?

And if you love someone, are you loving them unconditionally?  Do you know how?

What if humanity did?  What if we loved each other for every bit of person we are?  What if we just loved? Is it possible?  I think it is, I think anything is possible as long as we are able to love.

Just Love.

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