Metro Magic For the WIN!!


Tuesday June 2, 2015 at around 6:15 pm was an awesome time for a softball game.  Beautiful sunshine beating in your eyes, and the sweat glistening on your skin.  It. Was. Glorious!  The game was going great when all of a sudden *BAM* someone on the opposing team was serious injured.

While a young gentleman was running from first base to second he accidentally took an awkward step breaking his ankle.  Now I am not a Doctor so I do not know the medical terminology.  However, his ankle was able to move side to side in a direction that it should not have been moving.

Everyone rushed around and was very supportive.  The young gentleman was taken to the hospital and I have not heard how he is doing.  However, my thoughts and prayers are with him.  This was a painful situation to watch.  I can’t even imagine being on the other side.

The game continued after the tragic event and Metro Magic went on to win.  Nice job team!!!

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