Family Photography The MacDonald’s

I had so much fun photographing this lovely family.  The kids were an absolute joy.  I feel so privileged and blessed when I come across a family that has such well behaved children.

Stacey is a licensed massage therapist that has specialized in massage cupping.  If you have never had this done you are missing out!!!  She is located right next to the YMCA on Maple street in Kalamazoo along with her friend and business partner Pam.  I have been truly blessed to have met such strong, positive women.

I enjoyed this lovely, fun-filled session!

Please contact me at (269) 599-2094 to schedule your session!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 thought on “Family Photography The MacDonald’s

  1. Pamela Tucker

    Love love love the pictures! But Stacey might laugh at the “well-behaved” part. I keep telling her, they’re creative and fun! And yes, really good kids. Thanks, Krystal. We are very happy with their session



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