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Couples Shoot

I was extremely excited when Ellen contacted me to photograph her and her husband, Mark.  Ellen and Mark are Hannah’s parents.  I met Ellen before I actually met anyone else in their family.  Ellen is a teacher, and you can tell by being around her because of her patience and vibrant personality.  A quality someone that works with children must have.

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One of my favorite memories of Hannah and Kaleb’s wedding was talking to Mark right before he saw Hannah for the first time.  I knew it was going to be an emotional moment, by the way, he talked about Hannah, that this was his little girl.  He was so happy for her and so excited for her to marry Kaleb.

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I made a point of photographing Ellen and Mark where I photographed Hannah’s maternity photos.  I wanted them to share a common special place.  Although neither of them knew it, I pointed it out after the fact.

I always say this, but you cannot pose love.  Either it’s there or it’s not.  And, when it’s there it’s easy to capture.

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The weather is always an issue when shooting outdoor photos.  Living in Michigan we never really know how it’s going to turn out.  Will the sun be out?  Will it rain?  Will the ground be wet?  Will it be overcast?  It’s always a guessing game up until the moment.  On this day it was perfect.  The temp was just right, and the weather could not have been better!

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Mark informed me that the only ‘kissy’ photo they had was the one on their wedding day.  So, it was only natural to get one.  Mark had just told Ellen all of the reasons why he loved her, and why she was the one.  This is true love at it’s finest!

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One request Mark and Ellen had was to get a photo just like their engagement photo.  And, this is their photo, the one we recreated to match their engagement photo.

It’s always important to get photos of you with your spouse, significant other or you with your family.  It’s not always easy to be in the photos, but it is necessary!!


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Motivational Monday


Some motivation for your Monday morning.  Please feel free to share this to brighten someone else’s Monday morning.  Keep your head up!

To be honest most of the time I have inspirational sayings all over the house.  I need sayings like this to inspire what’s deep within.  When I look at sayings from people that I feel are great, to see what inspired them.  It just inspires me as well.  To know that great people before me needed inspiration as well.  It amazes me how brilliant people can be when it comes to finding the inspiration they need.

I know personally, Monday’s have a tendency to be rough in my household.  We have a hard time adjusting back to the weekly schedule.  We do our best to try and keep the weekend schedule the same as during the week.  However, that’s just not always the case. I started doing ‘Motivational Monday’s’ because sometimes you just need a little extra boost.  I hope that the motivational sayings help you as well!!

Since I needed a consistent posting.  My goal is to have something for everyday.

Motivational Mondays-I plan on posting motivational sayings every Monday to keep myself and others moving.

Tips for Tuesday- I plan to post a video of some tip that I found helpful.  It will be a tip about anything.  Just something that I found helpful

Wordy Wednesday- I plan to post just words on Wednesday.  Just an update of what is going on.

Throwback Thursday- I plan to post photos of my previous clients on Thursdays.

Fun Friday- I plan to post something fun, funny, fun-ish.  I know that my sense of humor may be different than yours.  I hope you like what ever it is that I post anyway.

I hope this brightens your day and makes Monday less Monday-ish!

Please enjoy and feel free to contact me at any time!!!


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