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Family Reunion Photo Shoot

I know it was just a Memorial Day weekend gathering, however when it extends beyond just siblings and parents.  I personally call that a family reunion.  And it was parents, kids, aunt, uncle, cousins, and grandkids.  So, I would call that a Family Reunion!


Dillon Color (53 of 88)

The weather was supposed to rain for several days on this Sunday.  We waited until that morning to fully decide if we were going to do the photo shoot because they really wanted morning photos.  With the direction of the sun, and the view of the lake.  It turned out to be a perfect Memorial weekend this year.

Dillon Color (73 of 88)

Okay, we have to talk about the kids first.  Of course, right!  These kids were absolutely adorable!  They were amazing to work with and honestly, when you get this many kids together you have a tendency to have chaos.  And, in fact, we had the exact opposite.  I was able to organize 21 people including the kids and didn’t have to Photoshop a single head!!  (Just kidding I don’t do that anyway! That’s not the type of photography I do!)  The two young ladies were so helpful with their cousins!  It was their help that truly made this photo!

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Of course, we had to get a photo with all of the girls in it.  There’s something about having all of the girls in a family and all of the guys in a family to take a photo. Probably my favorite part of family photos is doing this.  There’s such a special bond between them.  Like almost a family secret that no one knows except them.

Dillon Color (79 of 88)

YES!  That sky is real!  I did not add a fake sky to it!  It was seriously that beautiful outside!!!!!

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Maria Keller and Family

I met Maria through the Kalamazoo Strong Silent Auction.  It was an honor to meet her and lovely daughters!  The day started off with rain.  We thought for sure it was going to be a gloomy nasty day and it ended up being beautiful.  The weather was absolutely perfect for a family photo session.


It’s not everyday you get to treat yourself and your family to photo session.  It’s times like these that I cherish the most.  Watching mother and daughters interact.  There are lot of times that kids don’t want to be a part of the photo session and find it super annoying to be there.  It was a joy to be with these two beautiful young ladies.  They were easy to photograph, extremely polite and very loving towards their mother. Something I can greatly appreciate having a daughter myself.

One of my favorite times during a photo session is when I take a step back and just watch the clients interact.  That’s what happened in the above photo.  They sat down on the steps and I told them to just relax while I photographed them sitting there.   I love how it turned out!


It’s also not everyday you get 3 ladies as photogenic as these three were!

It was so cute.  Towards the end of the session I was asked how old I thought the daughters were.  I said 13 and 11.  I was pretty close because I was off by one year with the youngest daughter!

Maria and her daughters were an absolute joy to photograph.  I had so much fun and am so glad we were all able to meet!  Maria, is so patient and kind with her girls.  When she looks at them you can truly see the love a mother has for her children!

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Kelly Family Photoshoot!

It’s so amazing when someone is expecting a baby!  I absolutely LOVE pregnant women.  However, I was once pregnant (3 times over) in fact.  And, I know how it can get uncomfortable you want your body back, and want to move.  So, I keep my hands to myself.  I don’t touch other peoples belly’s.  Reason being.  I get all personal and in ‘yo business’ during a photo shoot.  I don’t want to push my limits on groping a belly as well.


We had to break this session up into 2 sessions.  We first did a pregnancy announcement/gender reveal.  Revealing this sweet mama is expecting a baby boy to go along with her already two daughters!  We had so much fun.


The funniest part about the second photo session was the fact that it rained.  No, it DOWNPOURED!  We had to get their photos taken in ten minutes flat and the rain came.  We were able to get the photos done so I was super relieved.  We finally had all the daughters and mom together, looking super cute and the weather decided to not cooperate!


I was just excited to capture beautiful moments like this!  It’s not everyday you have a baby, or have the ability to carry a child.  These moments past so fast, it’s always amazing when you can stop for a moment and enjoy the time you have.

I want to say thank you to this lovely lady, for letting me capture her beautiful moment.  She also participated in a movement I am trying to put together.  Kelly is such a lovely person, if you don’t know her you are missing out!  She lights up the room when she walks in, and has such gentle soul.  She’s not only a great mom, she’s an awesome friend!  And an amazing Zumba instructor!

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