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Family Reunion Photo Shoot

I know it was just a Memorial Day weekend gathering, however when it extends beyond just siblings and parents.  I personally call that a family reunion.  And it was parents, kids, aunt, uncle, cousins, and grandkids.  So, I would call that a Family Reunion!


Dillon Color (53 of 88)

The weather was supposed to rain for several days on this Sunday.  We waited until that morning to fully decide if we were going to do the photo shoot because they really wanted morning photos.  With the direction of the sun, and the view of the lake.  It turned out to be a perfect Memorial weekend this year.

Dillon Color (73 of 88)

Okay, we have to talk about the kids first.  Of course, right!  These kids were absolutely adorable!  They were amazing to work with and honestly, when you get this many kids together you have a tendency to have chaos.  And, in fact, we had the exact opposite.  I was able to organize 21 people including the kids and didn’t have to Photoshop a single head!!  (Just kidding I don’t do that anyway! That’s not the type of photography I do!)  The two young ladies were so helpful with their cousins!  It was their help that truly made this photo!

Dillon Color (35 of 88)

Of course, we had to get a photo with all of the girls in it.  There’s something about having all of the girls in a family and all of the guys in a family to take a photo. Probably my favorite part of family photos is doing this.  There’s such a special bond between them.  Like almost a family secret that no one knows except them.

Dillon Color (79 of 88)

YES!  That sky is real!  I did not add a fake sky to it!  It was seriously that beautiful outside!!!!!

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Willson Maternity

Well, this past year has been a whirlwind for this mama.  Marriage, a house, pregnancy, and deployment of her husband.

I first met Hannah over a year ago when she interviewed me to be her wedding photographer.  Not a day goes by that I am not thankful to have met her and her wonderful family.  It has been quite the year for Hannah and Kaleb.  I can look back and see how all of these obstacles have brought them closer together.

Willson Maternity (1 of 26)

Photographing such an important moment in their lives is truly a treasure.  It’s not every day you have a baby and it’s not every day you can document these moments.  And when you are able to, you should!

I can’t wait to meet baby Willson!  He is such a blessing!  And look how beautiful pregnancy is on this gorgeous Hannah!!

Willson Maternity (25 of 26)

Willson Maternity (16 of 26)

Willson Maternity (13 of 26)

Willson Maternity (11 of 26)

This dress was so beautiful!  It is made out of stretchy material and fit Hannah perfectly!!!  The crown was an addition that I absolutely loved!

Willson Maternity (9 of 26)

Willson Maternity (3 of 26)

It’s a joy and an honor to be a parent!  After having each one of my children I have always wondered how I survived without them.  Here are these little people that come into your life turning it upside down and it never goes back to normal.  You never love the same again, you never feel the same again, and most of all you never live the same again.  How is it possible that there was life before a child?!  After having a child your life is more full than you have ever known or have ever experienced.  You imagine what it will be like, but never truly know until that moment when the baby looks you in the eye for the first time and in that moment your life changes completely!  All for the better!

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Baby Kitty

It was a joy and pleasure to photograph this little peanut.  This is my niece Charlotte.  She is an absolute doll.  Best of all she loved having aunt Krystal photograph her.  Smiles the whole time.  She also demonstrated her new favorite trick of sticking her tongue out.  So, of course we captured that new milestone!

Baby Kitty (33 of 58)

I don’t get to photograph my family as much as I would like to.  They all live so far away I get what I can in a short time.  Charlotte was amazing, and such a snuggle bug.  Almost makes me want another one 🙂

Baby Kitty (53 of 58)Baby Kitty (52 of 58)

My brother in-law married his best friend in December of 2015.  And shortly after their marriage they announced they were expecting their first bundle of joy.  I wish these 3 lived closer!

Baby Kitty (44 of 58)

Baby Kitty (11 of 58)

We made it a point to capture sweet Kitty in this precious chair.  This chair belonged to my mother in-law who passed away several years ago.  And Charlotte is named after her.  Charlotte’s middle name is Ann and so was my mother in-law’s.  It’s always very important for me to put into a photo what means the most to my clients.  So, it was very important to incorporate my mother in-law into this photo.

One of the most precious things a photo can do is take us back in time.  Even if just for a moment.  A photograph freezes time and lets us remember how things used to be. It’s not everyday that we have the joy and pleasure to remember such beautiful and precious moments.  However, when we have the opportunity to do so, we should snag it and never let it go.

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