Sparks Maternity

It was one of the most beautiful Days this far in 2017.  It was such a joy and pleasure to photograph this lovely family once again.  I have had the honor of photographing both pregnancy announcements and now the maternity session for one of the twin sisters.  Nichole and Jessica are both pregnant with baby number 1 and due around 10 weeks of each other.  Nichole and Matt are having a baby girl and Jessica and Steve are having a baby boy.

Sparks Maternity (1 of 58)

The sun was strong and it was a few hours before sunset.  We were at my secret location and were able to find a beautiful tree for the girls to lean up against.  They came up with this pose from Pinterest and wanted to incorporate it into the shot.  I Feel this photograph describes the relationship that Nichole and Jessica have, along with how they want their children to grow up.  Bathed in love and the ability to communicate. With a friendship from the beginning that will last beyond a lifetime.

Sparks Maternity (38 of 58)Sparks Maternity (18 of 58)Sparks Maternity (34 of 58)

I absolutely love their dog Lily.  She is such a spunky, silly, fun life loving dog.  She’s so full of energy and exceptionally lovable.  She loves water, running and the outdoors.  I always get a great photo of this pups personality!

Sparks Maternity (48 of 58)

Lily is most definitely Nichole and Matt’s baby.  She’s always in the photos and always part of every adventure they have.  She’s been such a joy to photograph and always makes me laugh!

Sparks Maternity (30 of 58)

When two people love each other it’s always easy to photograph.  Love is not easily posed and you cannot capture it if it’s not there.   And when it’s there, it shows!

I cannot wait to meet these sweet babies!  I wish these two families all the best!!


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