Shalbi is a Senior!!!

It’s not everyday you graduate from high school!  In fact it’s one of those great accomplishments that you get to experience.  After all those years of schooling for it to finally come to an end.  Now you get to truly experience life and what it has to offer.

This beautiful young lady was so much fun to photograph.  We started out at Asylum lake and ended downtown next to Arcadia Brewing Company.  The weather was so hot.  Shalbi was such a great sport with all of the walking we had to do.  She was so easy to photograph and fun to be around.

Shalbi loves photography as much as I do!  We talked about photography, and her plans as she graduates school.  Her mom and sister  joined us, and they were so much fun.

We looked and looked for some graffiti around Kalamazoo but were unable to find any.  We came across this bridge that had this mural painted with a giant bumble bee and giant flower.  The flower was absolutely beautiful and we decided to photograph Shalbi in front of it.


This young lady has the best smile, when she smiles the whole world smiles too!  Shalbi also knows two languages.  It’s always fascinating when I meet people that can speak more than one language. I’m amazed, impressed and extremely jealous that they have such a diverse knowledge of language.  This young lady is going to make it far in this world. She is focused, motivated and sees beauty in everything.  It was a joy and a pleasure to photograph Shalbi. Shalbi is one of those women that you can tell even now, she is going to do something great in this world!   I wish her all the joy and happiness this world has to offer.

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