Bianca Birthday City Photo Session

A very happy birthday to this beautiful soul!  Bianca and I met just recently during one of my crazy idea sessions.  It has been an honor knowing her, even though it has been such a short time.

I was absolutely honored when she asked me to do her birthday photo shoot.  I have never actually done one of these but have really wanted to!  Today she turns 25 years old.  A very monumental moment for her, honestly,  for anyone that turns 25.  This is when things change.  I personally believe that age 25 is the start of your life.  This is where you have made your mistakes, made your successes and most of the time know the direction you want your life to go.


There are some of us that take a little longer.  However, for me 25 was a huge deal.  It felt like this was where my life had lead me to and it was up to me to ignite the fire within to give me the fight.


It was extremely coincidental that Bianca and I actually went to the same community college.  Well, back then it was a Community College, now it’s just a College.  Jackson College.  When I was in school there, they were building dorm rooms for future students to receive the University experience with the Community College cost. Great idea!  Bianca, was actually there the first year they opened the dorm rooms.  I had already been gone a year and was graduating.  It’s crazy where this world can lead us, and one thing I know is absolutely a must.  You must celebrate the day you came into this world.  You must enjoy every birthday you have!  It’s an absolute must to do so.  Birthdays only happen once a year.  Celebrate that day like no other.  Love it when it comes and rejoice it while it’s here.

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