John Michael is Senior!!!


It’s not everyday you are a Senior in High School!  I’ve known John Michael and his family for about 5 years now.  (Hard to believe it’s already been that long).  So, that means John Michael was in eighth grade when I met him.  Absolutely Crazy!


He was so much fun!  I am so glad I was able to capture this moment for him.  John Michael was a little nervous at the beginning.  And, most boys are.  They’re never sure what to expect when it comes to senior photo session.  Most of the time it’s the first time they have ever had their photos professionally taken.  And just like everyone the first 20 or so minutes are the hardest.  After that everything was great, he was relaxed and I’m pretty sure he had fun as well!!!

John Michael was great!  He told me a story of how him and his family were on vacation and it started to rain.  They had an umbrella big enough for everyone….  But him!  And every store they stopped in were all out of more umbrellas.  So, one of the store managers made him a poncho out of a garbage bag.  I thought it was super funny, and he laughed enough for me to capture an amazing smile!

Sarah Garcez (14 of 80).jpg

John Michael is one of the nicest young men I have ever met.  He is super artistic and loves to sketch all the time.  In fact we incorporated his love of sketching in his photo session.  I really try to incorporate their personality in the photos.  It was easy for me to capture John Michael.  He was a natural in front of the camera.

There are great things ahead for John Michael, with his heart and mind.  He can accomplish anything!!!

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