Maria Keller and Family

I met Maria through the Kalamazoo Strong Silent Auction.  It was an honor to meet her and lovely daughters!  The day started off with rain.  We thought for sure it was going to be a gloomy nasty day and it ended up being beautiful.  The weather was absolutely perfect for a family photo session.


It’s not everyday you get to treat yourself and your family to photo session.  It’s times like these that I cherish the most.  Watching mother and daughters interact.  There are lot of times that kids don’t want to be a part of the photo session and find it super annoying to be there.  It was a joy to be with these two beautiful young ladies.  They were easy to photograph, extremely polite and very loving towards their mother. Something I can greatly appreciate having a daughter myself.

One of my favorite times during a photo session is when I take a step back and just watch the clients interact.  That’s what happened in the above photo.  They sat down on the steps and I told them to just relax while I photographed them sitting there.   I love how it turned out!


It’s also not everyday you get 3 ladies as photogenic as these three were!

It was so cute.  Towards the end of the session I was asked how old I thought the daughters were.  I said 13 and 11.  I was pretty close because I was off by one year with the youngest daughter!

Maria and her daughters were an absolute joy to photograph.  I had so much fun and am so glad we were all able to meet!  Maria, is so patient and kind with her girls.  When she looks at them you can truly see the love a mother has for her children!

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