What you pay for with Photography!

When you hire a photographer sometimes it’s not quite clear what you get.  It’s not going to the store and purchasing an item.  See, when you purchase an item at a store you get something right away.  The time it has taken to make this item, the cost of the goods that were purchased to make this item, everything has already been added to the cost.  You pay for it and you get your item immediately.  You don’t think, ‘My it took 24 hours, 17 people, $150, and years of classes to make this item.’  That’s not including the equipment that has been made, or purchased to make this item either.

When you hire a photographer, for every hour that they are photographing that is at a minimum of 4 hours to edit those photos. That’s not including the classes they have taken, the money they spent for the equipment that they are using, the time and energy it took to learn that equipment, the editing software, the pre-session consultation, and sometimes two consultations.  And, you get a customized session JUST FOR YOU!!!  Each session from any photographer is customized, created and developed just for you.  Sometimes there is even equipment bought for just your session that you may never know about.

And you have to wait for the photos after they are taken.  It’s not like buying from a store.   You don’t get to see the hours of editing it takes to create these customized images for our clients. You don’t get to see the time it took to learn how to operate our cameras, learn the editing software, learn about lighting.  You just get to see the session and the end result.

If you are looking for cheap then hiring a professional photographer is not the answer for you. Would you do your job at a discounted price, or even for free?  Going with anything that is customized or set up specifically for you is not cheap.  It takes hours, days and sometimes weeks to edit these photos. If you are looking for cheap then you are looking in the wrong area.

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