Boudoir Krystal



Since I am breaking out into boudoir photography, it’s only appropriate that I have my own boudoir session.  What I learned during my session:

  1.  It was fun
  2. There was not one time that I was completely naked
  3. I was fully covered for the majority of the shoots
  4. I didn’t feel ‘weird’ or unattractive during the session

What you should know about me, and my house:

  1.  My bedroom was actually not this clean
  2. I have 3 kids and am not in the best shape
  3. I am not naturally ‘sexy’
  4. I do not necessarily ‘love’ my body

After looking at these photos, they turned out better than I anticipated, I had fun and other than advertisement for my business they were meant for my husband.  And, his response was….”We need to get you more outfits!”

If you are interested in viewing the entire session, I will not pass any judgement.  Use your email address to log-in you must be 18 to view.

The entire gallery is view-able HERE  the password is:   boudoir

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