Model Call!!!!!!!!!!!



Looking for 3 newly Engaged couples for an Engagement photo session.  The session will include:

  1.  1 hour long session
  2. 1 outfit change
  3. location to be determined between myself and the couple
  4. 15 digital prints

Requirements for Engagement session:

  1.  There must be an engagement ring
  2. If a permit to take photos at the specified location is needed the couple will have to research that and obtain the permit
  3. Clients will need to keep their Facebook profile picture or cover photo a Krystal Thornton Photography photo for a month.
  4. After receiving the digital prints, when they are uploaded to social media there will need to be a link to my website.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!!!

Contact Info

Kalamazoo, Michigan

and surrounding areas

Phone: (269) 599-2094



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