What Photographs Mean…



The best part about photography is remembering the past.  I would have to say that the reason I started my photography business is because of someone I lost a few years ago.  My husband’s grandmother Jackie Butterfield passed away of cervical cancer in 2012.  She was monumental when it came to deciding to open my business.  While she was saying good-bye to us I took a photo of her and my daughter.  Their hands created a shape of a heart, while the background was the lake that Gram so desperately loved.  I know that, that photo was the last photo that was ever taken of her.  Gram passed away a few days after that photo.  Gram was an amazing woman, and she was always behind the camera.  It never failed during every holiday that we celebrated at her house she was holding a camera.  She had years and years of photos of everyone.  Except herself…  It was so hard trying to find photos when the time came to make a photo collage of her.  We hardly had any photos of Gram.  In fact we had to duplicate some photos and it was so depressing.  It was so upsetting that none of us thought to take the camera from her and take a few photos of Gram.

I promised after she was gone, that I would take photos but I would also be in front of the camera as well.  I know there are times when we ‘want to lose 10 pounds’ or more sometimes.  I know that there are times when we feel we don’t look the best.  However, the photos that you are in are not for you.  The photos that you are in are for your FAMILY!  These photos are for your parents, grandparents, children and grandchildren.  The photos that you are in are your legacy that you leave your family.  When you are gone the photos of you are what we will have to remember you by.  Make a choice to be photographed, because in reality it’s not for you!


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