Photography Season…



I have been receiving lots of calls, emails and Facebook message lately scheduling dates and times.  Here’s some information on scheduling and when the best time to take photos are.  Make sure you call sooner rather than later to make your appointment.  My weekends are filling up fast with events and family sessions already.

I like to take photos in the shade during the day on the weekends.  They say that the best time to take photos is an hour before sunset and an hour before sunrise.  While the sun gives the best golden haze at this time.  I enjoy taking photos when it’s convenient for my clients.  As long as we have shade I am good to go.  And my absolute favorite day to take photos is on a perfectly cloudy day.  This way we can take photos anywhere, and not just in the shade.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me any time!

(269) 599-2094

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